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Win our Book Club in a Box for Small Blessings

We like to do our bit to encourage a love of reading and discussion of thought provoking books with our Book Club in a Box. And what better title than Small Blessings, a poignant and uplifting tale of secrets, motherhood, innocence and heartache, and ultimately what we're willing to do for love.

In our Book Club in a Box you'll find:

  • 10 copies of Small Blessings

  • A bottle of red and a bottle of white wine

  • Crisps (we’ll make sure they’re nice ones)

  • Conversation starters (questions and information) about Small Blessings

  • How to start a book club sheet (would-be book club organisers look no further!) 

  • A classic recipe and a delicious cocktail recipe to go with it

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Small Blessings

Through the unlikeliest of friendships comes a second chance.

'Brewin reminds us we shouldn't take anything for granted, and that change is always possible.' Kill Your Darlings on Hello, Goodbye

Rosie Larson doesn't trust people - and with good reason. Her violent ex-boyfriend, Joel, is out of jail and she's determined he won't find her or their eleven-year-old son.

For Isobel Hutchins, the cost of success is beginning to prove too high. Her impressive career and comfortable lifestyle can't protect her from the news her mother is dying or the need to face her past.

When tragedy strikes, Rosie and Isobel are thrown together despite their differences. In this difficult space, they draw strength from each other and form an unlikely friendship that may just see them through.

Small Blessings is a poignant and uplifting tale of secrets, motherhood, innocence and heartache, and ultimately what we're willing to do for love.

'a powerful debut that will capture your heart...' Sam Still Reading on Hello, Goodbye

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Thanks for your interest, this competition is now closed.

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Small Blessings is Brewin’s second book, and in it she has created an unlikely addition to the canon of novels on female friendship ... Brewin writes about these women with an easy grace, and they’re fully formed, fascinating and flawed characters. Small Blessings is a gift to be savoured by anyone interested in strong women and the support they can offer each other.’ - The Advertiser, SA.

Small Blessings would be an excellent read for book clubs as there’s a lot to discuss from motherhood to the effect of teenage years on the adult. It’s an authentic representation of the struggles of moving past the past and accepting yourself as you are. I devoured this book but Rosie and Isobel will stay with me for much longer.’ - Sam Still Reading.

‘Small Blessings is my first by Aussie author Emily Brewin and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Poignant, heart breaking, emotional – motherhood with its ups and downs; its love and heartache – there’s survival and devotion – there’s the things a mother does for her child. An exceptional novel which I highly recommend.’ - Brenda, Goodreads.

‘Emily Brewin’s plot is realistic, and the dialogue is natural ... a moving, thought-provoking and heart-warming read.’ - Marianne, Goodreads.

‘Simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming Small Blessings is a quietly beautiful book about motherhood and sacrifice and family and survival. Told in alternative chapters of the two main characters Isobel and Rosie, I felt a deep connection and sympathy for these two women and both their day-to-day and bigger-picture life problems.’ - Emily, Goodreads.

Small Blessings is beautifully crafted though, an incredible study of motherhood and the ties that bind.’ - Tanya, Goodreads.


‘... a powerful debut that will capture your heart ...’ - Sam Still Reading.

‘A lively, well-researched and affecting historical novel that touches on many issues.’ - SMH & The Age.

‘[Hello, Goodbye] presents a nuanced portrait of the Vietnam War in Melbourne, and the anti-war movement that surrounded it. Choosing to write about Australia’s past is no simple task, but Brewin a respectful storyteller…what makes this novel shine is its depiction of the many changes Australia went through at this point in time.’ - Kill Your Darlings.

‘Emily Brewin has captured the past with elegance and a rare understanding.’ - Blue Wolf Reviews.