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  • Mad Honey

    Mad Honey

    A riveting novel about what we choose to keep from our past, and what we choose to leave behind, from the New York Times bestselling author of Wish You Were Here and the bestselling author of She's Not There.

    Olivia McAfee and Ava Campanello have each had a change of life forced upon them. Olivia never dreamed that after her messy divorce she would find herself back in her sleepy New Hampshire home town, living in the house she grew up in and taking over her father's beekeeping business. Ava is also in search of a fresh start, moving to Adams with her daughter Lily, who is in her final year of high school.

    For a short while these new beginnings are just what everyone hoped for. Olivia's son Asher falls for the new girl at school, and Lily can't help loving him in return. With Ash she feels happy for the first time, yet she wonders if she can trust him completely.

    Then one day Olivia receives a phone call. Lily is dead and Ash is being questioned by the police. Olivia is adamant that her son is innocent, but she also recognises the flashes of his father's dangerous temper in him. As the case unfolds she realises Ash has hidden more than he's shared with her.

    Fan favourite Jordan McAfee, previously in The Pact, Nineteen Minutes and Salem Falls, returns as Ash's lawyer and Olivia's brother.

    Mad Honey is a gripping novel of suspense, a poignant love story, and a moving and powerful exploration of the secrets we keep and the risks we take.
    Mad Honey
  • The Sun Walks Down

    The Sun Walks Down

    The moving new novel from the bestselling author of The Night Guest.

    'Gorgeous storytelling and superb characters are among the glories of The Sun Walks Down. Fiona McFarlane is an extraordinary writer, one of the best working today. Her magnificent reworking of the lost child story showcases the profound understanding she brings to people, places and the past. I lived in this wise, majestic novel for days and never wanted it to end.' Michelle de Kretser, twice winner of the Miles Franklin Award for Questions of Travel and The Life to Come

    In September 1883, the South Australian town of Fairly huddles under strange, vivid sunsets. Six-year-old Denny Wallace has gone missing during a dust storm, and the whole town is intent on finding him. As they search the desert and mountains for the lost child, the residents of Fairly - newlyweds, landowners, farmers, mothers, artists, Indigenous trackers, cameleers, children, schoolteachers, widows, maids, policemen - explore their own relationships with the complex landscape unsettling history of the Flinders Ranges.

    The colonial Australia of The Sun Walks Down is unfamiliar, multicultural, and noisy with opinions, arguments, longings and terrors. It's haunted by many gods - the sun among them, rising and falling on each day that Denny could be found, or lost forever.
    The Sun Walks Down
  • Runt


    A heart-warming, funny, beautifully told story for readers of all ages from the bestselling author of Jasper Jones and Honeybee.

    'You don't have to carry the weight of the world in your tool belt.'

    Annie Shearer lives in the country town of Upson Downs with her best friend, an adopted stray dog called Runt. The two share a very special bond.

    After years evading capture, Runt is remarkably fast and agile, perfect for herding runaway sheep. But when a greedy local landowner puts her family's home at risk, Annie directs Runt's extraordinary talents towards a different pursuit - winning the Agility Course Grand Championship at the lucrative Krumpets Dog Show in London.

    However, there is a curious catch: Runt will only obey Annie's commands if nobody else is watching.

    With all eyes on them, Annie and Runt must beat the odds and the fastest dogs in the world to save her farm.

    Runt is a heart-warming and hilarious tale of kindness, friendship, hurdles, hoops, tunnels, see-saws, being yourself and bringing out the best in others.
  • Bohemian Negligence

    Bohemian Negligence

    The celebrated musician's evocative and intimate memoir of the magic and vulnerability of her bohemian childhood growing up as the daughter of iconic artist Charles Blackman.

    If you could touch your memories, how would they feel?

    My first memory of life is blurry. A blurry red dot. A strawberry in a thicket of dark green vines and tall grass.

    A chalky red pastel. A cadmium paint splash. A cardinal's feather. A lipstick smear . . . a strawberry kiss. All things red in one. I reach out to pluck the fruit but it's made of smoke and it vanishes as I touch it. It felt cool. Dewy. Tingly on the skin as if it were pressed there briefly and then it disappeared…

    I can hear cicadas chirping and birds swallowing their words and scratching for their breakfast. It's the first time I feel alone.

    Bertie Blackman grew up too fast. Bohemian Negligence tells that story with the breathtaking innocence of a child's point of view: close and vivid and utterly in the moment. As memories refract and elide with the images, sounds and impressions of Bertie's child's world, we experience both her wonder and confusion with astonishing intimacy.

    A renowned musician and artist, Bertie is also a formidable and lyrical writer, and brings those gifts to recreate the world she grew up in. As the daughter of iconic artist Charles Blackman, that world celebrated freedom and creativity but also contained darkness and contradictions. Bertie has captured the magic and vulnerability of childhood in words and images both joyful and haunting: 'My childhood world was full of cracks. Full of light and full of dark. But it was full of love.' This book will stay with you forever.
    Bohemian Negligence
  • It's a Shame About Ray

    It's a Shame About Ray

    It's a Shame About Ray is an extraordinary and powerful memoir about family, love and the power of music.

    My dad, Ray, jabbed steroids into Beyoncé's butt when she lost her voice the day of her stadium show. My dad jumped into Sydney Harbour to save my brand-new red Power Ranger toy. My dad made his own jam, muesli and sourdough bread. My dad protected me from cockroaches, but he never, ever killed them. My dad once covered for so many of my demerit points that he lost his own licence and had to ride a bicycle to work for a year. My dad tended a worm farm in the compost bins in our back garden.

    Blackly funny and frequently devastating, this memoir traverses family, death, hope, love, survival, compassion and the deep relationship we can develop with music throughout our lives when nothing else is enough. It's a Shame About Ray asks how we shape new identities from old tragedies - and whether the answers might be hiding in the bestselling record of 2001.

    Several lifetimes in the making, Jonathan Seidler has created a lyrical and original interrogation of men and memories, a tracklist of songs of innocence and experience that beautifully unpick a life lived to the full - and sometimes spilling over the lip.

    My dad ate the whole apple: core, pips and all.

    'A brilliant and brutally raw tribute to family, survival and the indisputable profundity of noughties nu-metal.' TIM MINCHIN

    'Unbelievably poignant and ingenious. And punk as f*ck.' MEGAN WASHINGTON
    It's a Shame About Ray

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