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The inspiring autobiography of one of Australia's most influential women, from journalist to policy maker to change agent at large.

'I was born into a world that expected very little of women like me. We were meant to tread lightly on the earth, influencing events through our husbands and children, if at all. We were meant to fade into invisibility as we aged. I defied all of these expectations and so have millions of women like me.'

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In the media:

Extract: Smile: It's the PM women loved to hate

Paul Keating was often seen as aggressive and arrogant, especially among female voters. But the woman asked to help change that image found him far more nuanced.

Extract: Anne Summers tells how the AFR took on the PM

In this extract from her new memoir, Anne Summers describes her first year in the Canberra Press Gallery after being lured back from the United States in late 1978.

Article: The fragility of feminist progress and why rage is a luxury we can’t afford

In this edited speech from her Brisbane event, Anne Summers explains that despite years of hard work women can still be rendered utterly powerless in the face of a torrent of raw male power.

Interview: Anne Summers on Q&A

Interview: Anne Summers on ABC Conversations

Interview: Anne Summers talks to Fran Kelly about #MeToo & Paul Keating

Interview: Anne Summers talks to The Daily Edition

Interview: Anne Summers on The Book Pod podcast

Interview: Anne Summers on ABC's The Drum


'It's the story of a lot of things - Australian politics, feminism, journalism, international intrigue - but most of all it's the story of an utterly singular woman, who always says "Yes" to life even when it scares her. Her memory for the events, and her frankness about the fear, make this an extraordinary memoir.'
- Annabel Crabb 


'Exhilarating, and what storytelling!'
- Quentin Bryce 


'The compelling memoir of a magnificent woman.'
- David Marr

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Australian Author Tour for Unfettered and Alive

Hear Anne Summers, one of Australia’s leading political activists and feminists, talk about her life in politics and journalism.



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